Fall 2019

Welcome to fall in Boulder Colorado!  Along with the beautiful fall colors comes election season.  This year city residents can vote for candidates to fill five open Boulder City Council seats.  Greater Gunbarrel joins Together for Boulder and Plan-Boulder County in endorsing the following five candidates:

Also please join Greater Gunbarrel in supporting City Resolution 2H – vote YES! on the Extension of the Sales and Use Tax for Open Space and Long’s Gardens.   Open Space is what makes Boulder great, so support this by extending Boulder’s 0.15% sales tax to support Open Sapce over the next 20 years.


Last, but not least, Greater Gunbarrel joins the League of Women Voters and other groups in supporting the non-partisan initiative to ask voters to increase the number of members on the Boulder County Board of Commissioners from 3 to 5.   Please stop by Cafe Blue to sign this petition!  (5280 Spine Rd)


Gunbarrel Public Improvement District update:

Do you enjoy the scenic open spaces as you drive through Gunbarrel?

Do you enjoy having local places in Gunbarrel to go for a walk and hikes?

Do you know the history behind the openspace in Gunbarrel?


Over 25 years ago the Gunbarrel Public Improvement District was formed and Gunbarel residents along with the Boulder County Commissioners formed a partnership to create a taxing district with money matched by Boulder County to buy land surrounding Gunbarrel so that it would remain open space.

Unfortunately, Boulder County did not hold up their end of the agreement and did not provide the full match.

Our friends at Twin Lakes Action Group are busy defending the Gunbarrel Public Improvement District (GPID).  Please consider supporting their lawsuit fight.  (it’s time for a quick update on the GPID lawsuit.

As many of you know, members of TLAG filed a lawsuit against the County to defend the rights of the members Gunbarrel Public Improvement District (all of you!!) who paid taxes for the purchase of Open Space within Gunbarrel and were promised matching funds of $1.9M from the County.  After 25 years, the County is still $600k short of their obligation to the voters in Gunbarrel.

This promise for funds was established through a public hearing, a Commissioner’s vote, a ballot measure written by the County, voted upon and passed by the taxpayers, bonds issued, and taxes collected for 11 years, BUT the Appellate Courts state we have no standing as this ‘ballot initiative’ is nothing more than a political campaign promise that’s completely unenforceable!  So, if a ballot initiative is nothing more than a campaign promise, then wouldn’t it reason that ALL ballot initiatives are the same and can’t be challenged by the voters??  This is a very dangerous voters rights issue in which we find ourselves involved!

The lawsuit started in the County Courts, then moved to the State Appellate Courts and is now pending at the Supreme Court!.  The GPID plaintiffs have filed our brief at the court, and the County extended their response date to June 20th.  After this, our legal team will reply to their response.  Then it will be up to the Supreme Court to determine if they will hear the case – only around 1 in 10 are taken up by the Court, but given the very dangerous precedent and the new interpretation of the law this is establishing, we are hopeful.

THANK YOU for your continued contributions – TLAG’s fundraising efforts are more important than ever!

There are 2 easy ways to donate to TLAG:

  1. Donate at :  www.tlag.org/donate
  2. Enroll in King Sooper’s community rewards program, it is easier than ever – no more pre-paying and needing to carrying around another plasic gift card, now link your SuperCard number to TLAG ONCE and all your future purchases will earn $$ for TLAG!

To link your loyalty card to TLAG follow these three easy steps:

1.  Go to: https://www.kingsoopers.com/topic/king-soopers-community-rewards
2.  Click on:  “Enroll Now” to enroll into your King Soopers account (if you don’t already have an account, creating one will also allow you to start loading digital coupons to your super card)
3.  Search for “Twin Lakes Action Group” or “PA377” and click on “Enroll

If you have issued linking online, as I did, just call 800-847-06836, option #1 and option #3.  They were very helpful and it only took a minute.

It is that easy – you are done!  Now every time you enter your SuperCard or alternate ID/phone number at checkout, your purchase will help earn money for TLAG.  (If you don’t already have your SuperCard linked to your phone number you can set that up under “My Account”)

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