Winter 2020

2020 Comprehensive Plan Update is Starting!
***  Need Your Donations to Keep Up The Fight!  ***

After MONTHS of eager anticipation, the Colorado Supreme Court handed out a lump of coal to our friends at TLAG that were fighting for our rights in the Gunbarrel Public Improvement District (GPID).  The court decided NOT TO HEAR our arguments, which means the ruling of the State Appellate Court stands!!  This is a VERY damaging ruling not only for Gunbarrel residents, bur ALL VOTERS IN COLORADO and possibly the NATION!  Our Appellate Court ruled that voters don’t have the ‘standing’ to sue the legislature (County Commissioners) for non-performance on a ballot initiative, equating the language on a ballot to be nothing more than a political promise – unenforceable by the voters!  So if you ever vote for a ballot initiative again, know that the first item in the “PRO/CON” list should be “this is an unenforceable political promise and if passed the funds can be used hower the legislature desires and not for the purpose of this initiative”!!

Five years ago, during the 2015 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, TLAG members successfully argued to preserve the rural residential look and feel of our neighborhoods!  But the BVCP is a living document and will again be updated in 2020!
And just like before, there will be a process by which TLAG can once again put in for land-use changes and continue to defend our mission.
As 2020 comes around, look for more updates and how you can take ACTION to support our TLAG friends!

THANK YOU for your continued contributions – TLAG’s fundraising efforts are more important than ever!

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If you have issued linking online, as I did, just call 800-847-06836, option #1 and option #3.  They were very helpful and it only took a minute.

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