Our mission is to make sure that Gunbarrel and surrounding areas are represented in local government and committees.

  • Support the mission of the Twin Lakes Action Group
  • Uphold and enforce annexation, land dedication and land use zoning laws
  • Protect and preserve the Gunbarrel Public Improvement District (GPID) undeveloped lands.
  • Refrain from supporting new development in areas that suffer from a crumbling infrastructure or are prone to flooding.
  • Uphold height restrictions throughout Boulder, Gunbarrel, and surrounding regions
  • Provide road resurfacing and maintenance for subdivisions
  • Support parks, schools and other community amenities in Greater Gunbarrel
  • Prohibit development without a commitment to improving or repairing faulty, aging infrastructure, both above and below ground.
  • Keep sales tax revenue generated BY Gunbarrel IN Gunbarrel, for the betterment of the Gunbarrel community.
  • Engage in Sub-Community planning across the City and County portions of Gunbarrel
  • Support our Rural Fire Departments
  • Listen to and act upon, in a meaningful way, the input received from Gunbarrel community residents and workers on Gunbarrel’s future.

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